Horrifing Moments

A stranger was knocking at the door. I went up to my door and looked through the small window and I saw a fat man standing with a two guns in his hand, his head was covered in a black cloth and he was wearing black cloths too. I got scared and didn’t know what to do. I asked myself should I open the door or not, I thought let me just open the door and handle the situation but then I thought if I open the door that guy would shoot me and I don’t want to die. My second thought was that should I go and call my dad. “Hmmmmm…..what should I do?” I asked myself. I had to think fast because time was running out so I just ran into the kitchen and asked my mom “Mom where is Dad?” Mom answered “I don’t know, he must be up stairs on the 5th floor”. My house was actually 5 stories mansion because we were one of the richest people living on earth. We did have security guards but I still don’t get it, who is it and how did he get in the garden with the guns. I quickly started running up stairs, I reached the 2nd floor and suddenly heard the bell ring, and then I heard my mom say “I’LL GET IT!”, “HOLY SHOOT, NOOOO MOM DON’T GET THE DOOR, I’M CALLING DAD!!” I shouted. It was no use shouting because I heard the door open “nooooo, mom opened the door I better run up fast” I started to run faster up the stairs. I reached the 5th floor when suddenly I heard a gun shot “KABOOOOSHHH!” I said to myself “shoot he got mom”. I ran in to my Dad’s room and guess what? He wasn’t there. I looked at the bathroom door and it was open, I looked into it and he wasn’t there either so I thought to my self “where can he be?” I went into my bedroom and saw him playing GTA Vice City on my computer. I told my dad “there is some one on the door holding two guns, I was coming up to call you when mom opened the door and he killed her” my Dad started laughing and said “Nice joke, he killed mom” he went down laughing, I wanted to say something but I just stayed quit. I sat down on my chair and started to rest, after a minute I heard another gun shot and my sister scream. “This is not good, first my mom now my sister! I better go and stop dad before the stranger get’s my dad too” I got up and ran down stairs. When I reached, no one was on the door but instead I saw blood on the floor and freaked out. I saw the blood was going towards the back of my house. I followed it and it stopped in the kitchen, I looked up at the door which opens to the back of my garden and it said on it with big blood words “OPEN THE DOOR. I opened the door slowly then suddenly I heard………”SURPRISE!!”  all of my Friends, Relatives, and Security Guards where there and above them was a big sing saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” then we all celebrated my birthday and lived happily ever after.

My Cat


This is my cat, and his name is Piyaru. I kept it’s name Piyaru because Piyar means love, and I love him so much. The “U” is there just to make it sound better. I have 11 cats and out of all of them I think this is the best cat because Piyaru always comes up to me when ever I enter the house or anytime he wants and starts to rub it self against me. The other cats are selfish because when ever I go to there food area that’s the time when they start to rub against me; they do that so I can give them some food. The 2nd reason why I like this cat is because it always gives me company where ever I go. Sometimes when I’m going to the mosque I’m a bit scared because I listen to scary stories at night, so when I’m going to the mosque it comes with me and gives me company, the other cats like to sit around and watch my face. We have raised Piyaru since he was born. His favorite food is almost every eatable thing.



There is a group of snakes that are known as Pit Vipers. Not only are these snakes venomous they also have a very ‘cool’ heat sensing system. This helps these snakes to find prey in the dark, which is when most snakes like to hunt. The ‘pit’ is a special organ in between the eyes and the nostrils. The pit senses body heat from animals and gives the snake a ‘picture’ of that animal. The snake can then attack it. Some pit vipers will bite and poison the prey and then release it. It will follow the dying animal, using its heat sensors, until it stops and the snake can swallow it. Most pit vipers hunt at night when the air is cooler and the heat from rodents and other prey is most obvious to them. The ‘heat picture’ from larger animals will tell the snake that a quick escape is a good idea, too!


All rattlesnakes are Pit Vipers.  Water Moccasins, Horned Desert Viper, Lance-head, Eyelash Viper, the Copperhead, and some Tree Boas are a few other examples of pit vipers.

Letter form an Early Colonist

Dear Parents,

How are you? I am fine.  We really miss you. Sorry about sending you a letter late. Life here is hard; we all have faced many problems thru out the journey and in the colony such as diseases, religious rights, surviving, etc.

We left England to escape the persecution and moved to Netherlands, they welcomed us and let us practice our religion freely but our little kids, Ben and Hana have to learn the Dutch Language and Culture and we want them to learn our Culture and Language. So we went on to the Mayflower with more people to start a new colony where we can practice our Culture and Religion freely. The person in charge of the Mayflower was William Bradford. The journey was 2 months long. We had no problem on the ship; we had enough shelter and food and had a fun time during the journey. Although the journey was nice we also faced some difficulties with sea storms. We finally landed on Plymouth Rock. Over there it was we landed on heaven so we got on our knees and blessed the God of Heaven that he brought us here.

Well about the colony, we all struggled to build a colony and most of the people died form cold and sickness during the first winter. We faced many difficulties making the colony because we didn’t have skills so we made friends with English speaking Patuxet Indian named Squanto. The American Indians thought us how to farm, hunt, build shelter, and how to survive. When the colony was built we had already picked Captain Miles Standish to help organize the defense of our colony. Now life in the colony is better because we got more farming rights. Woman over here have more rights then they did in England. We also provide our kids with Education. Women generally cook, spun and wove wool, sewed, looked after the house, and take care of kids, as well as men do all the physical work.

Our expectations for the future are high. We are looking forward to more rights and defenses systems for the colony. Ok Mom and Dad, we really miss you.



William Charles

King Khan


If I could meet a famous person, that would be Shahrukh Khan. He is a highly acclaimed Indian actor who works in Bollywood films, as well as film producer and television host.

I would pick him because he is my favoraite actor and I am his #1 FAN. I love the way he acts and the type of flims he has work with such as: Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge , Kuch Kuch Hota Hai , Chak De India, Om Shanti Om, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kal Ho Naa Ho, and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. He is my favorite actor because he likes to work (mostly) in romantic, and sad movies and those are the type of movies that I like. Some other actors also act in romantic and sad movies but they are not as good as King Khan cuuuzzzzzzzzz, KING KHAN IS THE BEST!!!!

Similarities and Differences

There are many Differences between and Similarities between the Mayflower Bay Colony and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Some of the Similarities are:

They both strongly believed in Religious Studies and they wanted every one to know the religion. They both have Men and Woman dressing up in fancy clothes. Men would go for work every day and Women would stay home looking out after kids, cooking food, completing choirs, etc.

Some of the Differences are that in Saudi Arabia Women have to wear biyah and in the Mayflower Colony women were free to wear anything, they both strongly believed in religion but different religion.  Saudi Arabia: Islam, Mayflower: Christianity, girls and boys are not suppose to hang out in Saudi Arabia as well as in the Mayflower Bay Colony girls and boys did hang out, Laws and rules were Different, In Mayflower Colony they mostly produce corps, as well as Saudi Arabia produces mostly oil, and Mayflower had to pay taxes and Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to pay taxes.

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